There are loads of different ways to travel abroad in style. There are also loads of functional ways which are miles cheaper.

Depending on budget of course the world is your oyster.

New And Shiny Malaga Airport

On my recent business trip to Marbella I arrived in the relatively new and shiny Malaga Airport ahead of schedule. Its quite an impressive new terminal and shopping area and a load more things to pass the time when waiting for connecting flights.

minibus johns

My business meeting in Spain was an important one between 2 tech giants of Europe I will spare the names to save the blushes :-)

But needless to say companies of this stature generally take care of all airport transfers with top level reputable companies with no expense spared. This time it was different and Im glad it was.

The company had sent for a local taxi and minibus company imaginatively called “Malaga Airport Transfers”. Now my driver was John. A cockney fellow, very informative about the local area, things to do places to visit up and around in Malaga City and throughout the province.

The minibus was a new one and sported all the mod cons including a handy golf / luggage trailer which was a bit overkill for my tiny briefcase!

John The UK Minibus Driver In Spain

Judging form Johns never say die attitude to one word answers from me (sorry was not in the mood for idle chit chat) John knew everyone, place and bar in Costa del Sol. And he did brighten my trip up and I now know every urbanization from Benalmadena, Elviria, Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, El Rosario El Chapparal to Estepona! He said he could work as a Malaga Travel Guide and I don’t doubt him.

Now John was thinking of upgrading his minibus with LCD TVs in headrests, iphone chargers with UK adapters and other gadgets but we decided it was best for him to concentrate on maximising his earnings potential and not splash out on these extra luxuries.vwminibusgadget-agp

As soon as I landed in my favourite Marbella Boutique hotel overlooking orange tree square. I ripped out my laptop and Google’d a lot of the bars and places of interest that John had gone into great detail about and rightly enough a site called provided an insiders guide to Malaga and the Costa del Sol and John must of been a contributor as his recommendations were in tandem with Anna Collins the writer on this blog, maybe its Johns wife!

A Ray Of Sunshine On The Costa del Sol

I was glad I could shine a little bit of my business acumen into the daily toils of John the bus driver and I always make sure that when I land in Malaga Airport or am flying to Spain on work or pleasure I arrange to have John from pick me up.